Stainless steel resonators

Stainless steel allows the thinnest wall thicknesses, down to 0.5 mm, thus allowing our developers to make optimal use of restricted installation spaces. Stainless steel is heat resistant, exhibits excellent corrosion properties, survives the most demanding stress tests and has the lowest propensity to transmit sound. We distinguish between standard resonators (modular systems: hydroform and deep drawn resonators) and custom solutions. 


Hydroform resonators

As the pioneer of hydroformed resonators (two and three chamber systems) we are active in the automotive industry in conjunction with the serial introduction of turbocharged engines. Due to our many years of production experience, we are able to draw on a wide range of two and three chamber resonators of different dimensions, acoustic characteristics and variants. Short-term series solutions with customised acoustic solutions and customer-relevant interfaces are no problem for UMFOTEC.

Deep drawn resonators

Extremely space-saving, with the best acoustics and integrated quick connector coupling – we can already look back on 10 years of production experience in the field of deep drawn resonators. 

Technical implementation

Using stainless steel as a manufacturing material, UMFOTEC started producing resonators for the charged air side some decades ago and has acquired wide-ranging, in-depth expertise in this area. We work with different production processes, which we combine with each other according to requirements to achieve the optimal result. Our vertical manufacturing capability ensures sustainable and reliable component quality that is further enhanced by the appropriate use of automation technology.

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