Air conditioning (HVAC)

and compressors for cooling

The requirements for the reduction of noise emissions are tightening

For hybrid and electric vehicles in particular, the noises generated by cooling and ventilation of the passenger interior – predominantly at low driving speeds – are perceived as disturbing by the occupants. Conventional principles for noise reduction are not sufficient to meet the latest acoustic requirements specified by automotive manufacturers. 

UMFOTEC has developed comprehensive solutions for this: a combination of absorption and damping (using the Helmholtz principle) reduces low frequency (bandpass) noises in a targeted and broadband manner. The manufacturer thus has access to a flow-optimised acoustic component, which can then be used to effectively set the noise profile associated with the brand. In the cooling circuit, the damping elements used formerly (called mufflers) tended to operate over a wide spectrum and less efficiently. Added to this is the high pressure loss of this solution. This is precisely where the strength of our solution lies: we achieve considerably greater noise reduction while reducing the pressure loss by almost a factor of 10.