Plastic resonators

The primary advantage of plastic as a material is its cost-effectiveness. Lightweight construction is another of its benefits.

Our standard materials of this type offer heat resistance up to 230°C. The Umfotec seal-less principle comes into use here, in that the number of injection moulded parts is reduced and interfaces are eliminated, thus allowing us to be able to guarantee robust acoustics that are independent of temperature and pressure.

We distinguish between standard resonators and tailor-made solutions.  

Standard resonators with integrated quick connector couplers have become established for a multitude of applications. The acoustics can be adjusted to suit customer requirements by the use of different inserts. Complex installation spaces, exceptional acoustic requirements or special customer interfaces require tailor-made solutions. As a resonator specialist with a highly qualified development team, we are able to make accurate predictions of characteristics and realise short development times. Prototype production using the original material can also be implemented by us at short notice.

Technical implementation

We use a variety of the latest plastic injection moulding machines and our own welding processes with the proven best mechanical strength values. Residual contamination requirements specified by our customers can be fulfilled. We process a wide variety of plastic granules in order to meet the customer's requirements. The mould is designed in accordance with the quantity specifications. If high forces arise, metal inserts are incorporated into the process. The level of automation can be extended to full automation, depending on the annual quantity required.

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