We make cars quieter.

That sums up the core competence of our company. UMFOTEC has devoted itself to the solution of acoustic challenges – especially in the automotive sector. Our main focus is on the flow acoustics of air duct systems.

Our engineers work in close cooperation with our customers to develop the optimal product: from the initial idea, simulation, testing, and prototyping through to large-scale production. We are materials specialists: depending on the requirements, we produce the system and mounting components from stainless steel, aluminium or plastic – as resonators or as wire meshes. Our solutions expertise is complemented by our vertical manufacturing capability. 

Did you know? UMFOTEC is the world leader in the area of the charge-air route, not least because we take a holistic approach to the reduction of airborne and structure-borne noise: from customer requirements to large-scale production – all from a single source.


Umfotec Products

Manufacturing processes

In order for us to be able to implement our innovative ideas optimally, we make use of a range of manufacturing processes as well as a variety of materials. A brief overview of some processes: 


We have a range of CNC centres for machining work, automatic assembly machines, and facilities for washing and leak testing aluminium parts.

Stainless steel

Welding (MIG, MAG, MAG brazing, laser, TIG, CD, resistance spot welding), laser cutting, hydroforming, metal forming – some of which is fully automated.


From injection moulding, ultrasonic welding and rotary friction welding to fully automated assembly.

Wire meshes

Fully automated from the wire to the finished part.