Umfotec at DAGA 2019 in Rostock und Internoise 2019 in Madrid

03. March 2019

Company Umfotec (Dr. Ralf Buck and Ingo Krebs) hold speeches about the differences between Resonators and Resabtors.

  • Resonators are still narrow-band despite many chambers, but low loss and highly effective in the flow noise reduction. They can also be used in heavily contaminated media, as their structure is usually very resistant to these contaminants.
  • Resabtors are combinations of resonators and absorbers. The construction allows the application with gaseous and rather purer media. The combination of resonators and absorbers achieves very broadband noise reductions. At the same time, the coupled resonators allow a more targeted narrow-band and, above all, low-frequency noise reduction. This makes it possible to make application-dependent noise optimizations.